Weksler Benefits


The rules around health insurance have changed dramatically over the past year and are going to change even more in the next couple years - for business owners and individuals alike.

For business owners, that's true whether you already provide health coverage for your employees or it's something new you need to consider under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

The rules are changing for individuals, too, whether you're already insured or looking to get health coverage.

The questions you need to answer are difficult to understand. And making sure you have the right answers can have a major impact on your pocketbook. For example:

  • For business owners, what's the least expensive way to provide appropriate health coverage for your employees? An HRA? Group insurance plan? Or . . . ?
  • For individuals, what's the difference between an HSA, HMO, PPO and co-pay plan? And which is best for you?

These are just a small sample of the many questions you need to consider before choosing your health coverage.

At Weksler Benefits, our primary mission is to educate business owners and individuals to help them navigate the confusing labyrinth of regulations and requirements.

Our goal, whether you end up doing business with us or not, is to make sure you know exactly what your options are and the type of coverage that's best for you or your company.

Confused about your health coverage options? Contact me at john[at]WekslerBenefits.com and I'll help you come up with the right answers for you or your company.

The answers will save you money and get you better coverage. You have my personal word on that.